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Transition towns

A Transition Initiative is a community (lots of examples here) working together to look Peak Oil and Climate Change squarely in the eye and address this BIG question:

 "for all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we significantly increase resilience (to mitigate the effects of Peak Oil) and drastically reduce carbon emissions (to mitigate the effects of Climate Change)?"

Transition Malvern

A Transition Town initiative is in early stages for Malvern Hills. The content on this website will develop along with the group's acitvities.

Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral

The Cheshire village of Ashton Hayes (pop. 1000 approx.) is aiming to to become the first small community in England to achieve carbon neutral status. We want our children and future generations to know that we tried to do our bit to stem global warming and encourage other communities to follow suit.

Rossendale Climate Change Group

Rossendale & the Calderdale valley's local source of relevant information, help & guidance about our enviromental impact & what we might do to reduce it in our local area & the world!

Climate change

National Geographic Magazine's videos

Click on the Environment link to get a whole range of videos relevant to climate change.

Climate Change: Discovery of Global Warming

The history of scientific research on climate change from the 19th century to the present, told in a set of hyperlinked essays.  An extremely impresssive web site, part of the American Institute of Physics.

Climate change - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A useful article, with good graphics.

Stern Review Report

This independent Review by Sir Nicholas Stern, head of the government's economics service, was commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, reporting to both the Chancellor and to the Prime Minister, as a contribution to assessing the evidence and building understanding of the economics of climate change.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
The IPCC was established to provide the decision-makers and others interested in climate change with an objective source of information about climate change. The IPCC does not conduct any research nor does it monitor climate related data or parameters. Its role is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the latest scientific, technical and socio-economic literature produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change, its observed and projected impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. 

Peak oil

Peak oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Another useful article
Association for the Study of Peak Oil
ASPO is a network of scientists and others, having an interest in determining the date and impact of the peak and decline of the world's production of oil and gas, due to resource constraints.
PowerSwitch - Raising awareness of Britain's Energy Future, rising energy prices, peak oil, the end of cheap oil and the oil crisis, promoting renewable energy.
This site raises awareness of peak oil in the UK, the end of oil, and the oil crisis that will follow. Renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, wave power, nuclear power and fuel cells will be promoted as we experience the end of the oil age. This site has three areas - forum, news and campaign.
Documentary on Peak Oil
A Crude Awakening, The Oil Crash, the acclaimed documentary on Peak Oil.

Taking action

Energy information

Carbon calculator
Calculate your carbon footprint with a calculator you can trust.
Sustainable energy - without the hot air
All the facts and figures you need to decid on an energy policy for the UK
Climatespace is more than a website. It is a growing community which aims to provide online support for people trying to lead lower carbon lives in neighbourhoods, workplaces and organisations across the UK.
Marches Energy Agency
Marches Energy Agency (MEA) is one of the UK's leading sustainable energy and climate change social enterprises and a registered charity. Created in 1995 MEA strives in all of its work to "create the climate for change" and has a wealth of experience in delivering local, regional, and European projects.

Energy suppliers

Green Electricity Marketplace
Information on all the green electricity tariffs available to UK domestic customers, with online sign-up for selected tariffs; and business consultancy services.
Good Energy - committed to supporting independent renewable generators
Good Energy - All of the electricity supplied comes from renewable sources
Ecotricity - the world's first green electricity company, building new renewable energy
Ecotricity - the world's first renewable energy company, the largest alternative electricity supplier in Europe, building wind power to fight climate change since 1995.
Green Energy UK
We want to help people concerned with the environment to do something positive. We want our customers to be more than just consumers. Through our unique share scheme they become partners in our mission to create an environmentally responsible electricity supply industry.
The Log Pile Website - Home
The Log Pile website shows how modern wood-derived fuels, including pellets and woodchip, can be used to provide clean, controllable and carbon-neutral heating in the UK.
Midlands Wood Fuel

Midlands Wood Fuel, Wood fuel supply, wood fuelled boilers, heat contracts and biomass consultancy

Buildings and energy efficiency

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is dedicated to improving energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources. Find advice and information on how you can make a difference and help prevent climate change.

Association for Environment Conscious Building - Home
The objective and aims of the AECB is to facilitate environmentally responsible practices within building.  Specifically the AECB aims to:-
    * promote the use of products and materials which are safe, healthy and sustainable
    * encourage members projects that respect, protect and enhance the environment
    * make available comprehensive information and guidance about products, methods and projects
    * support the interests and endeavours of members in achieving these aims
Green Building Press

We publish green building information in many mediums to help you to design and build sustainable, healthy and ecological homes offices and factories. Our information is presented in a user-friendly manner to appeal to both professionals and the general public to aid in you in building green homes or finding green building products. 

Centre for Alternative Technology
CAT aims to 'inspire, inform, and enable' people to live more sustainably. A solutions driven organisation, offering practical solutions to environmental problems, our key areas of work are renewable energy, environmental building, energy efficiency, organic growing and alternative sewage systems. We have been in existence for 27 years. CAT services include a visitor centre open 7 days a week, practical and informative publications, a mailorder service of 'green' books and products, educational services for schools, consultancy for individuals and businesses, residential courses, membership and a free information service.


Department of Energy and Climate Change

On 3 October 2008 the Prime Minister announced the creation of a new Department of Energy and Climate Change which will be able to give an even greater focus to solving the twin challenges of climate change and energy supply. 

Sustainable Communities Act

This Act enables councils working in co-operation with their communities to get Government help to assist them in reversing the decline of local services, dealing with fuel poverty, protecting the environment and obtaining greater involvement in civic activity. As part of the process they will also be able to formally request specific powers, currently held by national government, to be devolved to them. Government then has a legal duty to reach agreement with councils and the Local Government Association on how it will help them.

A turning point moment

The US campaign for renewable electricity, inspired by Al Gore.


Common Ground

Common Ground is internationally recognised for playing a unique role in the arts and environmental fields, distinguished by the linking of nature with culture, focussing upon the positive investment people can make in their own localities, championing popular democratic involvement, and by inspiring celebration as a starting point for action to improve the quality of our everyday places. We offer ideas, information and inspiration through publications and projects such as Field Days, Parish Maps, Flora Britannica, Apple Day, Community Orchards, Tree Dressing Day, Confluence and the campaign for LOCAL DISTINCTIVENESS.

Natural England

Natural England is here to conserve and enhance the natural environment, for its intrinsic value, the wellbeing and enjoyment of people and the economic properity that it brings.

The Meatrix Films

THE MEATRIX: Fight Factory Farms! The award-winning flash animation movie about the meat you eat.