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This project has finished but a local thermal imaging company is Sight Designs.  They will produce a DVD containing a thermal survey of your house, which shows where the draughts are and where you could benefit from more insulation.

Also through h.Energy there are free home energy assessments and information about the government's Green Deal.

An increasingly large part of household income is devoted to heating and powering the home and this will escalate with Peak Oil and Climate Change.

About a third of a household's carbon footprint also comes from heating and power consumption, but this can be reduced with investments that pay much better returns than normal safe savings accounts and bonds.

Most people are aware of this, but never get round to doing anything for various reasons:

To help with these difficulties, Colwall Greener has set up an Energy Advice and Assistance scheme - to find out more about the project, which has been supported by the Malvern Hills AONB, click on the links below.

How the scheme works

The project plan

Sample customer report

Customer experience