Personal Check List

The lists below are the things you can personally do in your life style that will make a difference. They are generally listed with the biggest benefit from the smallest investment at the top of the list for each section.

In ITALICS items are free, low cost or have grants available & rapid pay back. They all reduce your cost of living are healthy for you, your community and the planet.

Underlined the eighteen easy to do, MUST DO’s in year one of your personal programme they are all no or low cost.

Home – saving power & fuel

Change to a green electricity supplier.Loft

Insulation, increase to 30cms/12ins – grants/subsidies available

Insulate Hot Water Tank

Reduce room thermostat by 1 to 2 degrees (1 degree = 10% saving)

Reduce hot water temperature

Switch off equipment with stand by or power pack/transformers at wall socket or gang socket. (Intelligent Plugs or Bye Bye Stand By devices make this easy)

Change to Low Energy Light Bulbs

Fill kettle with the amount of water you need

Avoid using tumble dryer whenever possible (use line, clothes horse or radiator rails)

Fit Radiator thermostats, only heat the rooms you use

Put lids on saucepans, turn down power once boiling, pressure cookers are most efficient, use burner size that matches the pan size.

Cavity Wall insulation – grants/subsidies available

Draught Excluder to windows and doors Defrost fridge/freezer regularly

Buy “A” rated appliances

Replace Boiler with Condensing Boiler

Double glazing or secondary glazing

Porches to outside doors

Fit Solar Water Heating Panels

Dry Lining or external insulation of solid wallsInstall heat pumps (air or ground source)

Fit PV cells to generate electricity or wind generator

Home – saving water

Fit Dual Flush Toilets or Hippos to Cisterns

Shower rather than bath (this also saves on fuel to heat the water)

Wait for a full load in the dishwasher & washing machine before washing (this also saves on fuel to heat the water), wash at lower temperatures

Use a bowl in the kitchen sink

Turn off tap when tooth brushing

Use rain water butts for you gardening watering

Fit a water meter

Savings, Investments and Pensions

Be an active consumer of these services, ensure your money is being invested in products, processes and services that are good for people and the planet

Home – reducing waste

Don’t throw it away if you can give it away e.g., recycle for reuse any unwanted items to Charity Shops, Car boot Sales, Jumble Sales or

Compost &/or use a wormery or green cone for all kitchen waste

Separate waste as suggested by local council for their collection system

Separate & take to recycling centres: garden waste too big to compost, batteries, metal, tyres, oil, rubble, wood, fluorescent tubes, cardboard, broken household appliances, fabric, shoes, cardboard drinks cartons.


Eat less meat (intensive meat production uses far more land, water and fossil fuel based fertilisers and pesticides than vegetable based protein) free range/grass fed local is best.

Grow your own, on your patio, garden or allotment (share an allotment)

Local food saves food miles

Learning about and use seasonal food saves food miles, it is more likely to be locally grown

Shop locally to reduce your transportReduce packaging and use your own bags

Use box schemes &/or farmers markets

Organic food saves pesticides and fertilisers made from fossil fuels, but needs to be local where ever possible


On foot or bicycle for short journeys is good for your health and the planet (if you live in a hilly area an electric bike could be a good investment)

Use Train or Buses where ever possible

Smaller and more fuel efficient cars

Car sharing or lift sharing

Avoid air travel where ever possible

Work from home where possible

Be more aware of and use local facilities, activities, events and festivals

Find out who to inform about inadequate and needed public transport in your area


Do I need it?

Can I rent it, share it, borrow it, swop it?

Is it obtainable second hand?

Remember, Charity shops, Car boot Sales, Freecycle, Salvage yards

Enjoy making & mending things & learning to do this

Support local crafts people and businesses

Buy quality items that will lastBuy


Consider the energy efficiency of appliances

Buy cleaning products without fossil fuel derivatives e.g., Ecover & Essential