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Season's greetings

AONB grants for this year

2010 Fun Day

Season's greetings

A very Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. And an update for Colwall Greener & Transition Malvern Hills.

You may well have seen the efforts the gas light team “Gasketeers” on Midlands today or in the local paper, here is a link to a photo taken of the test lamp and four of the team in the snow today

Also look out at this week’s Malvern Gazette maybe they will publish something about this extraordinary innovative work in helping to preserve this part of the Malvern heritage.

Here in Colwall as ever we need more people coming forward for our 3 main schemes:

1. The Home Energy Advice & Assistance (with Thermal Imaging, Energy Monitors and Handyman support).

2. The Colwall Car Club

3. The new Colwall Electric Bike Club and 2 week “Test before you Invest” loan scheme.

The Parish Council are consulting with Herefordshire about Switching off the Street Lights in Colwall after midnight.

It was a great disappointment that the Parish Council felt they were unable to financially support the Village Garden & Allotment project so now the group will need to find more donations from villagers to make up the shortfall they were asking the Parish Council to help with.

If we take a wider look at what is happening, the recession has temporally taken the really intense pressure off the peak oil problem, prices are still rising but nothing like they will as economies start to grow again (unless there is a massive switch from fossil fuels). With regard to climate change I have done a short précis of comments I have recently read with some good links. The main thing we have to realise, as we are gripped in the freezing temperatures of “an unusual weather event”, is that 2010 was still the hottest year on record and that the poles and equatorial regions are seeing large and destabilising temperature rises, and we will see more and more “Unusual Weather Events”.

It’s not looking good on the global pain/happiness front. NASA has confirmed that 2010 was the hottest year on record and 17 countries set new records for their all-time highest recorded temperatures. I’m guessing I’m not alone in feeling a small shiver of dread every time another drought, flood, fire, hurricane or famine is reported, in anticipation of the much greater horrors we’ll all be facing in the coming decades. As for the UN Climate talks in Cancun last week (did anybody notice that they happened? it certainly seems a very long time since the Copenhagen, the media response has been surprisingly positive. But I fear that’s because they’re looking at expectation vs outcome rather than necessity vs outcome. Certainly it does look as though the negotiators managed to save the process, but will the process save the climate? Climate Action Tracker has worked out that the deal as it currently stands commits us to at 3.2 degree rise in temperature - this would result in large parts of Africa and Australia becoming uninhabitable, world food supplies critically endangered and hundreds of millions of refugees on the move. But as this article rather wisely points out: “The question is not “Did Cancun do enough?” – we knew the answer to that already – but “Does it make further action more or less likely?” On that there’s no doubt.”

Can we join together to build our low carbon locally resilient community. Best wishes Robin

AONB grants for this year

We have been successful in getting 2 grants from the AONB as follows:

2nd Year for our – Home Energy Advice & Assistance Scheme – this includes money for profession surveys, thermal imaging surveys and advice and handyman support as well as loan of “smart meters” for tracking your electricity use. If you didn’t volunteer last year now is your chance, get in early so we schedule the visits and work and you can avoid being disappointed as the grant wont stretch to all those who will want the service.

Test before you invest – Electric Bike loan scheme

Bicycles are the most efficient form of transport but in our area the hills understandably put us off, so Colwall Greener have obtained a grant from the AONB for 2 Electric Bikes for residents to loan for a 2 week trial – Test before you invest. It costs a few pence to charge the batteries and then the hills and the headwinds are no longer a problem. It was a joy to find myself (an older not very fit man) easily cycling up the hills and going to Malvern Link and back with plenty of battery charge to spare. The motor assists you as you pedal and cuts out over 15 mph.

After you have had your trial period, if an Electric Bike is for you we will give advice to help you purchase one. What a wonderful way to get fitter, enjoy the scenery, save money and reduce your Carbon Footprint.

The combination of an electric bike for short journeys and the Colwall Car Club for longer or heavily laden journeys might be just right for you.


Many people from Colwall attended the Transition Malvern Hills & Colwall Greener – People Make transition Happen at Malvern Theatre’s Forum on the 27th May, a great evening with over 500 people attending. Part of the evening included videos featuring Colwall projects and our Primary School. We will be showing some of these at a Colwall Greener evening at St Crispin’s (Colwall Village Hall) on Monday 19th July and giving more information on the schemes mentioned above.

Fun Day 2010

Here are two pictures of our stall at Colwall Fun day (May 31st). I think we had more kit on the ground than anyone else!