Welcome to the Colwall Greener web site

Colwall Greener is an informal group of people in the village of Colwall in Herefordshire (UK). It is mainly active through Transition Malvern Hills, but this web site is updated to keep people in Colwall in touch with environmental issues both sides of the Hills.

Is any-one interested in getting together in Colwall to look at our enrgy use and how we can improve it?  

Have a look at h.Energy Savers and this video 

Saturday 17th  January 2015: Colwall Stone 6pm

Colwall Wassailing (2 Adult - children free)  More details at www.colwallorchard.org.uk

H.Energy Weekend

Over one weekend in early October nearly 60 events took place all around the county of Herefordshire. If you missed that weekend don't worry! ... more events are planned and will be continuing through until the end of November, and beyond...

Great Herefordshire Energytastic Time Hunt - Summer 2014

Pilot game ran over the summer and is being more widely launched later this year. It looks at the sustainability of your locality. Colwall Quackers won the summer competition with this entry.

Monday 10th March: Malvern Cube 8:00pm

Malvern Community Energy Co-op share offer launch. More details at  www.malverncommunityenergy.org

Saturday 22nd February 2014: Colwall Village Hall 7.30pm - CANCELLED

Ceildh with the "The Laune Rangers" (10 Adult)  More details at www.colwallorchard.org.uk

Saturday 18th  January 2014: Colwall Stone 6pm

Colwall Wassailing (2 Adult - children free)  More details at www.colwallorchard.org.uk

Tuesday 14th January 2014: Malvern Cube 19.45-21:30


Malvern Community Energy Co-operative an update and share offer meeting. For more information email info@malverncommunityenergy.org.

Free home energy assessments for Herefordshire

The Events page is a diary of what we are doing.

The Home Energy page describes the energy advice and assistance scheme.

The Orchard Project link contains information from our project which is surveying traditional orchards in Colwall and which may result in a community orchard.